Rexx Do Whileループ //

DO WHILE/UNTIL A set of instructions may be executed repeatedly until some condition is true, by placing the UNTIL keyword after DO, and then following it. While loops [] A while loop is a conditional loop that repeatedly executes a block of instructions whilst the condition is true. The while statement is used as a syntactical cocomponent of do and end constructs to produce a while.

Repetitive Loops If a DO or LOOP instruction has a repetitor phrase, a conditional phrase, or both, the group of instructions forms a repetitive loop. The instructions are processed according to the repetitor phrase, optionally modified by. Rexxはプログラミング言語。 てゆーか, スプリクト言語つってもよいのかも。 スクリプト言語の定義 なにを以てスクリプト言語とゆーのか ってのがよく分からないんだけど, たぶん Rexxもそうなのら。 もともとは, 汎用機大型こん.

do-while语句用于模拟其他编程语言中存在的简单while循环。. 此循环继续,直到条件evaluates to false 。. 然后程序逻辑继续执行紧跟在while语句之后的语句。.需要注意的关键点是代码块一直运行,直到do循环中的条件evaluates to. REXXBATCHでREPLACE文字列置換REXX組み込み関数に、VBAのREPLACE関数みたいなものを、見つけられないので、探してみました。FILEMANAGERBATCHでは外部REXX関数CHANGEが使用できます。<20120115追記STA. / Nothing happens! / count = 100 do while count <= 10 say "Whatever, you're not going to see this message anyway." end Until loops are used to start a block of code and continue until some condition is met. / Ask the user to. Introduction to REXX – Some examples – A Rexx program should have a comment “/rexx/” in the first line – Rexx statements are Case insensitive. DO WHILE and DO UNTIL DO WHILE runs the loop all the times if the condition. my inner DO WHILE loop is working fine.i.e.DO WHILE NOT EOF FILE2 its processing fine for the first record in input file1. But the outer loop is not working.i mean after completing the process for the first record.the control is.

while loop do.while loop In this exercise we will practice lots of looping problems to get a strong grip on loop. This is most recommended C programming exercise for beginners. Always feel free to drop your queries, suggestions. Program Control Rexx has instructions such as DO, LOOP, IF, and SELECT to control your program. Here is a typical Rexx IF instruction: if a>1 & b<0 then do say "Whoops, A is greater than 1 while B is less than 0!" say "I'm ending.

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